Saturday, 28 August 2010

I Ride Therefore, I Transam

Journeys end, Astoria OR 
Well folks this leg of the journey is over, on the 6th August 2010 at 10 am I officially finished my 4600 mile Trans America cycle ride following the Adventure Cycling Associations Trans Am route East to West.

The journey was a test of physical and mental stamina, but with every corner and new horizon offering stunning scenery, chance encounters with great people and a million memories, the rewards far outweighed the effort.

I now feel the fittest I’ve ever felt in my adult life and certainly the slimmest! If you’ve ever considered doing something like this, all I can say is go for it, you’ll never regret it!

Thanks to all the people I met on route who helped make the ride such a great experience and thanks also for your kind sponsorship which has raised £700 (inc gift aid) for Shelterbox.

There are still stories to be told, so watch out for new Blog posts in the coming weeks. I am also planning my next leg of the ride and will be announcing that soon.

A wet & windy Pacific Ocean!
Until then I am enjoying some R&R on Vancouver Island Canada.

Here are a few factoids from the ride.

88 Days in total
4659.7 miles
17 Punctures (don’t ask!)
40lbs in Body weight lost.
States crossed = 10

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  1. Get in Stu! Huge congratulations - amazing achievement. I hope you have a proper big sit down, a few beers and pat yourself on (your new slimmer) back. Brilliant. Looking forward to hearing about the next leg and reading more of the ace blog

  2. Hi Stu
    Fantastic achievement! Well done, mate.

    (Currently in NY State heading towards Montreal. 5800km covered. A month to go...)

  3. Congrats, Stu! Your accomplishment is awesome!!
    I will look for you on Vik's blog, if you are going to shut this one down.

    Take care.

    Peace :)

  4. This Blogs staying open Chandra for all my up and coming cycling adventures!

  5. Thanks, Stu! Now that I have read this and your latest post, I feel downright silly having almost wished you a e-goodbye LOL!

    Bring on more adventures, my friend! It is so refreshing to read your blog posts.

    Peace :)

  6. That puncture fairy keeps coming back, eh? That really sucks.

    What tires are you using?

    Peace :)

  7. I was using Schwalbe Supreme 26 x 2". I think I suffered form the dreaded radial tyre wire picked up off of a messy shoulder. Other guys reporting that when the tyres deflated the wire is impossible to find, fix the puncture pump up the tyre a few hours later a slow puncture again. I'm now on Schwalbe Marathon Extreme HS 402 in 1.75" width and the fairies have almost gone.. well a 1 and half inch nail did bring me to a halt the other day!

  8. I haven't taken my bike on a long tour yet, but I plan to take the MK2 on at least a mini-tour soon. I think I have the Schwalbe Marathon Extreme HS402 Folding Tyre in 2.25" width.

    I would like to have a 2nd set of tires for road riding. I will read your blog to see how you rate the Marathon Extremes, based on the rest of your tour.

    Be happy you are far away from Texas. It has been over a 100 for almost 4 weeks now with no rain. It is torrid!

    Have a safe ride!

    Peace :)


    19 punctures in 88 days: To what do you attribute the flats. I get em and hate em, usually the two small holes in the tube indicate pinch flats from curb/rim collision but 19 seems really high, what tires and tubes: provide some details about your bike and gear please.. and your ratings of them.


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