Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Strange Facebook Coincidence

Now I know this Blog is out of sync and I've still got some catching up to do, I'll get there I promise! But something happened today that was well worthy of a Blog post.

It was a massive day today, Twin Bridges to Jackson Montana. Head winds all the way and Badger and Big Hole Passes to cross 6760 ft and 7360 ft. Having crested Badger Pass I flew down the other side, looking at my maps I saw there was an intersection between the Trans Am and the Great Divide routes.

Now the Trans Am is what I'm on, East to West across America on road and the Great Divide is North to South, Canada to Mexico off road. Occasionally the Great Divide will jump on road for a short section before heading back onto the dirt roads.

Now, before I left there was a group of long distance cyclists who were chatting on Facebook; Sue was one of them and she was planning to ride the Great Divide. I have planted a power bar for her at an intersection between the two routes and given her directions via Facebook to collect it later on.

Passing the intersection today I decided to leave her a rehydration sachet and Facebook her it's location.
Having jammed the sachet behind a sign I carried on down the pass. A group of four cyclists were heading towards me, the lead rider shouts out "Great Divide", I return with a "Trans Am" and continue waving to the three ladies following him..........

Your probably already a step ahead of me on this... but I noticed one of the ladies was riding a Thorn Sterling bike, mmm it's usually mostly Brits who ride Thorn's (and you Chandra!)

I swung my bike round and chased the pack up the hill, the guy spotted me and turned back thinking he may have dropped something.... "Is the lady on the Thorn called Sue" I shout... "Yes".

I pull up next to her and it is indeed Sue from Facebook! We end up chatting fort half an hour, totally bemused by our chance meeting.

So bizarrely in the middle of a road miles from anywhere in Montana USA I bump into someone I only know through Facebook and who five minutes before I had just planted a rehydration sachet for in a road sign!!

I think there is probably more chance of winning the lottery than that happening again!!

Enjoy your ride Sue, great to meet you.


  1. Comedy fortean moments with stucyclist! You're never coming back to dull old Devon are you.....

  2. Now that actualy beats the Worplesdon postman in the wilds of the Himalayas incident methinks....

  3. Freaky deaky! T'internet is such a small place isn't it?

  4. Hey Stuart - I picked up the gel - thanks a bunch! What a pity you missed out Bannack State Park though - it was an amazing ghost town, such a great place. Thanks for cycling back up the hill to finally meet up - hopefully we can meet again one day! We are having a rest day in Lima, before going to the Tetons. Keep in touch,


  5. I really digg these chance meeting stories. Tony and I had a quite similar experience in Nice, France. I was travelling with my buddy Mike, Tony was with his ex-gf (thats a story for him to tell). So early one morning, I'm having coffee with Mike at some streetside cafe and see Tony strolling up the street right up along side of us. It was quite random and very surprising.

    --Donald Pearson


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