Monday, 21 June 2010

Storm Pedalers

We left Scott City in Kansas this morning and fought with the winds to complete a relatively short ride of 50 odd miles to Tribune KS, close to the Colorado border. As I got around 15 miles from Tribune a storm started to grow over to the South West, it looked really ominous and I kept seeing what I thought were twisters forming. Tony had already made it to Tribune so I was alone on the highway. This is my Trans Am TV report from the highway! ( For best quality click on the 360p button and change it to 720p HD and give it time to load or watch directly on YouTube ) . Text continues below video.....

Since then we've had, storm force winds, dust storms, rain and lightning, we've also got a Tornado warning in force for this town! To top that were sleeping in the park under the band stand!!!


  1. top vid.....time to drop a cog into town!

  2. Oh Stu, scary but amazing! Quite good timing but I'm watching Twister on tv tonight... hope you don't get caught in any of those bad boys!! Em x


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