Monday, 10 May 2010

Tra la la la Amereeca...

Thoughts so far...

Bloody volcanoes...... 3 hour flight delay then re routed via Iceland, Greenland, Nova Scotia for a 9 hour flight.

Crap flight, sat next to bog, narrow seat, elbowed in head regularly, two forces guys with me chatting about bikes.... 3 large blokes + 3 small seats = contortionism, oh and broken Video system! Nice crew though and bike arrived intact, but come on Virgin... sort it!

1 hour queue at immigration very friendly and my first "Have a nice day".

Limo taxi drive of 160 miles with Gentleman Taxi's, give Tom Peyton a ring on 804 839 8400, he's also got a mini van for groups with bikes. His rate wasn't much more than a Hertz one way car rental and believe me after a day of travel being picked up at Dulles and dropped at the start of the Trans Am is great and worth every $. Thanks Tom.

Arrived at Holiday Inn, fell to sleep next to lap top writing emails!!!..... What a day! zzzzzzzzzzzz

The breakfast lady in the hotel (Hazel Nassell !!) has now given me the grace of god and blessed my journey!!!! Shame she didn't bless the rubber omelet!

Just got into the lift with a guy I did a double take, Nick....a young American lad I know from starting the ride today. We'll probably meet up on route...

The power of the tiniternet strikes again!

In the 70's outside, but I'm in my room building my bike!

Police sirens, honking train horns and adverts for miracle religious "debt cure" holy water on TV....

This can only be America!

Have a nice day.......


  1. Hate that damn ash cloud, funny the way all flights are being re-routed OVER Iceland just to rub it in. I have also experienced a broken video system on a transatlantic flight before. But good luck anyway!

    Ryan Anderson

  2. I felt awful for you when I woke up on Sunday and heard that there had been further disruptions to flights.

    Good to hear you're safe and gearing up for the trip!

  3. Good luck Stu - get that sexy lycra on and get on yer bike! :) Take care and keep in touch x

  4. hey stu,
    glad you made it to the usa safe and sound! good luck with your journey. i will be following your blog closely.
    peace :)

  5. Nice one Stu. Glad you and the bike made it safely across! Hope things go well as you settle into your marathon ride!



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