Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Boxing Day!

Well I should really be a lad of leisure in my new found life of self imposed unemployment. But sadly since leaving work it's been non stop packing, cleaning and procrastinating in readiness for the big Trans Am adventure.

Today was probably up there with the best of them, as I decided to pack my bike for the flight. A day of tedium was about to unfold!


1 Bike
1 Large box
1 Roll gaffa tape
1 Roll fragile tape
1 Strapping kit
5 Pieces of pipe insulation foam

Take bike and pull to pieces.
Drink coffee, eat crumpet.

Cover bike in insulation foam.
Strap together with gaffer tape.
Drink coffee.
Eat toasted sandwich.

Stuff bike into box.
Sprinkle with assorted bike paraphernalia.
Drink coffee.
Eat toasted tea cake.

A baggage handler, flight friendly, packed bike! Fingers crossed it arrives in Washington DC in one piece!
Eat Chilli Con Carni.


  1. Next it's cycle, cycle eat eat, cycle eat, cycle cycle cycle cycle sleep. Repeat.
    Good luck mate, you'll soon be there.

  2. Nicely packaged Bro, with those skills you could get warehouse work at our place!!! lol

  3. Nice packing job, just make sure you tape the hand-holds. Baggage handlers can be a bit forceful and can tear the box, but dont cover them or the box will be kicked/pushed/shoved around if they cant pick it up. Good luck with your trip! Rich.

  4. Top tip Stato, I'll tape the handles tomorrow.

  5. Looking Good, hope to see you in a few months

  6. Good job mate - done that before? Or did you need to get some advice.

    Of course, it's always possible that you just used good common sense and gumption ;-)

  7. Think it was good common sense and gaffa tape!!


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