Saturday, 15 May 2010

Amazing Hospitality!

I'm still cycling with Tony from Oregon and we've made it to Charlottesville VA just as a huge thunder storm kicked in.

The last view days have been exhausting riding in blistering temperatures but the scenery we have seen on route and the people we have met have been awesome.

Tony is a member of Warm Showers and you can literally ring up cyclists in the town your heading to and they will put you up for the night! We came up trumps and were put up by Clyde and Carol, a lovely couple whose amazing family home was our palace for the night, they even took us out for a lovely Mexican meal and paid. It is this amazing hospitality that seems to be the norm in America! (pic above Carol outside her house)

The next nights accommodation was another show of amazing hospitality, this time from the Mineral Volunteer Fire Department, Engine Company 2. Met by Stewart the Station Chief we had a guided tour and then we were offered to pitch our tents out back or sleep in the huge function room on our bed rolls. We went for the indoor option! We even had use of showers, laundry and the obligatory ice machine, great for making ice packs to strap on to aching knee caps!

A French cyclist, Etienne turned up at the station, he was on his way up to Washington from Mexico. After chatting with me and Tony for half an hour he looked at me and said ....I,ve never seen anyone as big as you cycling across America... and then carried on with his travellers tales. Oh what Gaelic charm I thought!! Maybe I could go for a biggest bloke to cycle across America Guinness record!!

That's all I've got time for at the moment, totally exhausted after another great day in the saddle. Lots of new photos here

The next few days will take me to the Blue Ridge Mountains and some steep hills to conker, should be fun!! 


  1. Completely jealous! Sounds amazing...and less of the complaining about the heat - its mostly windy and dull here at the mo. Less than a week in and while everything's the same here, nothing could be more different for you! Great to hear what's going on

  2. Wow - Staying at a fire station, how did that come about?! Certainly can't imagine that happening in the UK.


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