Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Starting in May 2010 I plan to cycle across the USA, from the Atlantic coast  to the Pacific coast, following the Adventure Cycling Association’s 4,262 mile TransAmerica Trail (Trans Am).

The Route page has a map and full description of the trail as it makes it's way through the middle of America. The route deliberately avoids large cities and so gives a taste of the small town America rarely seen by tourists.

I plan to camp wherever possible and cook my own food, but inevitably fatigue and the need of a good shower will probably see me staying in a motel once a week.

There are also many other accommodation opportunities en route, including fire stations, municipal parks and churches, all of which open their doors to the steady trickle of riders who attempt the Trans Am every year.

As I will need to consume around 6000 calories a day stopping off at café's to load up on carbs will be a vital part of my daily routine. I'm sure the Americans love of large portions will make this task easier!

I have chosen Shelterbox as my charity of choice, the work they do in providing emergency aid to countries struck by natural disaster or war is phenomenal and there rapid response and ongoing aid in Haiti shows what a worthwhile charity they are.

Each Shelterbox costs £490 and using this Blog, Twitter and Facebook I hope to spread the word about my journey in order to purchase as many boxes as possible. I hope when you read this article you will forward the link to all your friends and donate generously using my donation page.


  1. Fantastic looking blog mate - and great to see your plans solidified!

  2. God ur gonna have one sore ass by the time you have finished!!! Vasaline at the ready!!! - will miss you loads but will be keeping tabs on you - good luck my hunny xx Mandy B


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